All tournaments are released. Seedings and schedules are final.  There may be minor changes after the initial release for league purposes but this will be very limited and directed by the league.

A few things to note:
* Admission CAN BE charged per game.  If you play at 2PM and then 4PM in the same gym the community reserves the right to charge you twice.  Many communities have to pay for their gym time and they use this to pay for that time.
* Tournaments will be played under the rules specified by the bracket (athlectic vs recreational).  For 7th-12th grade all brackets are recreational.

End of Season Tournaments

The planning for the end of season tournaments is well underway.  If your team is NOT participating in the tournment, please have your coach contact the league ASAP.  We will host our 7th - 12th grade tournaments on the weekend of 2/24.  We will host the 2nd - 6th grade tournament the weekend of March 3rd.

Joining CAYBL

CAYBL is always looking to add new communities to our league. We are locked in for the 2016/17 season, but if you have interest in playing with our league in 2017/18, please start by emailing the league President.

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  • Community Owned
  • Multiple levels of competition
  • Second - Twelfth Grade teams
  • Not-for-Profit League
  • Partnership with SWOL offers the highest level of competition possible