End of Season Tournaments

Tournaments will be the week of March 2nd. Some games will be during the week based on gym availability. Travel will be taken into account for game times during the week.

  • Single Elimination Tournament
  • Medals for 1st and 2nd place
  • Tournaments will be brackets between 6 and 12 teams in most cases, divided by results throughout the season (you may play teams in a higher or lower division if that team performed well or poorly)
  • Seeding will be done after games on February 22nd
  • Normal CAYBL Admission policies apply

Codes of Conduct & Rules

By particpating in CAYBL you are bound by a few codes of conduct depending on your role. Please review them and remember, this is all done for the children.
Coach Code of Conduct
Parent Code of Conduct
Player Code of Conduct

For a quick reference here are the rules of CAYBL.

Referee's Wanted

CAYBL is always looking for qualified referees. Please reach out to us if you are interseted in working some games.

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Many of our communities host tournaments, please support their fundraising efforts.

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Joining CAYBL

CAYBL is always looking to add new communities to our league. We are locked in for the 2014/15 season, but if you have interest in playing with our league in 2015/16, please start by emailing the league President.

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  • Community Owned
  • Multiple levels of competition
  • Second - Twelfth Grade teams
  • Not-for-Profit League

Next Meetings

  • February 2nd, 7PM at Cincinnati Country Day School

Work in Progress

This site is a new work in progress. Launched July 22, 2014 and development not started too long before that. If you find any issues or factual errors, please email me and let me know.

First up on the agenda is to integrate with AllPro Software to make the viewing of schedules, team info, and score reporting SIGNIFICANTLY better and easier. After that we'll add some of the nicer abilities of the web in 2014 to the site. The communities will soon be asked to priortize some features they desire to be available to them. In the spirit of the non-profit league that CAYBL is, all of this is freely provided to CAYBL by one of its community members, so the only limit is any external cost (if things like text message notifications are desired) and time.