Hello CBYBA coaches and families.  The site you are really looking for is here:


However, while you're here, take some time to look around what our league has to offer and talk to your community representatives or get involved to bring about change. CAYBL wants you to join our league.  We are not looking for just a team or two, we want entire communities to come over and take advantage of what we have to offer. 

CAYBL has a lot to offer CBYBA communities.  Milford, Goshen, West Clermont, New Richmond, Williamsburg, Batavia, and Bethel all call CAYBL home.  This is literally hundreds of teams within a reasonable driving distance.  I know there is a lot of misinformation out there on travel, but the longer travel times only really apply to boys playing at the highest athletic level and sometimes with high rec girls (but always with the highest level girls as well).  Your average recreational and even high recreational team will never leave Clermont county.  Your soccer, baseball, and football teams already travel to these places for youth sports.

For communities the cost is actually lower per team ($65).  Being a non-profit we aren't in business to make money.  Last summer we gave $10,000 back to our communities.  All division winners and runner up teams get a t-shirt award at the end of the season, and all tournament winners and runner up teams get a nice medal.  We put our money back into running basketball.  

Things we offer:

  • Community control over how you form teams.  It is really your choice on how you form your teams.  Just place them in an appropriate level of competition and watch your players excel playing "like" competition.  So if you have issues where a family and coach just don't get along, the community has the freedom to make that change.
  • Keep your players.  There are already a handful of CBYBA eligible players playing in CAYBL.  They live near CAYBL communities and decide to register with them instead of your district.  We require that players play for the school district the live in or attend, or obtain a waiver when two CAYBL communities are involved.  This same protection is not offerred when the player is coming from a non-CAYBL community. 
  • Multiple levels.  Nobody enjoys winning or losing by 20 points.  We work to avoid that by having multiple levels of competition.  So right now when you're playing those hand picked teams from other districts you are forced into the same level of play.  We can segregate those teams into their own division, allowing both teams a chance to win and improve.
  • Expanded grades.  I see a lot of 2nd and 3rd grade teams playing at Nothin But Net from your communities.  You could register those with CAYBL and let them play their home games at your gym! 
  • League referees.  No longer are referees controlled by each organization.  This allows us to offer some variety to the referees you end up having, and in the rare occasion where a referee isn't up to par we deal with that from a league level.  For the referees at these locations, you open yourself up to more opportunities to work games in the rest of the CAYBL communities.
  • Proper use of technology.  Its 2016 (maybe 2017 by time you read this) and using technology is no longer an option.  This website is a constant evolution of features.  

If you are a community coordinator and you want to explore joining CAYBL next year, please reach out to the league president.  If you are a parent or coach, I recommend you go and get involved in running your organization.  It is a thankless job running a community organization and I know that many of your representatives are actually doing this without even having a child in the organization playing basketball.  They'd probably welcome the help and relief.